Roll Tuck And Pin #17

roll, tuck and pin styles for natural black hair

I have managed exactly two roll, tuck and pin hairstyles this summer. Why? A busy schedule, which means repeating the easy-to-do styles and sometimes just leaving my hair alone in chunky braids. For the longest time I couldn’t get my twists to stay put until it was time to unravel them and also struggled with definition (that would be immediately obliterated by humidity). Continuous practice is the only way to get the hang of it – I am miles away from where I began this year. Don’t give up – I was terrible at it but getting better with each practice.

My homemade leave-in (the cream – see video here) conditioner has aloe vera, which creates awesome definition but the twists don’t hold well. I twisted using slippery elm gel (made same way as flaxseed gel) just out of curiosity and I think I am on to something here. I’ll share the recipe as soon as I have tested it enough.

Once unraveled I slightly separated the twists following their natural flow. After isolating a large section for the bang I pinned the rest of the hair in large chunks on top in no particular manner. Pinning a twist-out creates such an amazing textured updo, definitely a win.

PS: The vibrant burgundy/wine/reddish henna highlights are really noticeable in these shots (depending on your screen resolution)

roll, tuck and pin styles for natural black hair