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styles for natural african american hair

Justice for this 50’s hairstyle can only be achieved in black and white photos. I began by pushing all the hair over to the left. My hair is still short…well…. It’s neither short nor long…that awkward phase,

Roll tuck and pin #5

Styles for natural black hair


For day 5, I began by parting the hair in two sections with two thirds of the hair in the back and a third on the front. For the back part,


hair styles for natural black hair

This style isn’t what I had originally envisioned but that’s the beauty of the roll, tuck and pin challenge. There’s only one rule so it’s difficult to go wrong. I began by pushing all the hair forward and pinning all sides (except the bang) right in the middle.


natural black hairstyles

This style was entirely made up for a crazy morning rush. After isolating the bang, I split the back part of the hair into two then crisscrossed and pinned the sections on top of each other.

Roll tuck and pin #2

Part of my goal with the roll, tuck and pin challenge is to create distinctly different styles not only to push my creative side but also to inspire others. And let’s be honest…. it wouldn’t be a bad thing to coin a natural hairstyle or two in the process.

Roll tuck and pin #1

black hair styles

black hair styles

This style is 1 of 3 from early May when I began the roll, tuck n’ pin challenge. There was disruption because I had to dash home (Nairobi, in case anyone is wondering) because of a death in the family.