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How to make and use garlic hair oil for natural hair

On an average, the scalp is estimated to contain between 100,000 – 200,000 individual strands, of which 100 to 150 are lost daily as part of the normal hair cycle and it occurs after mechanical manipulation like washing, detangling or styling hair.

How to create a simple capsule wardrobe

1. Declutter (And be ruthless about it):

If it’s been more than a year since you went through your closet then decluttering should be your first priority. Make four piles: the absolute yes, the kinda feeling it, kinda not, the heck no and the walking dead (irreparably torn or literally dead) Remove all items from your closet except the absolute yes pile.

Curlformers on 4c hair (TWA)

[title maintitle=”Step 1″ subtitle=”prepare”]

I am not completely against using heat (I use indirect heat…plastic cap under a hooded dryer to deep condition), however I think it’s a good idea to minimize exposure where possible. Enter curlformers. Curlformers are perfect solution to both stretching the hair (always recommended) and stunning curls without using heat.

On Thrifting and Neutral Layers

I love it when my thrifted finds tell me a story. Writings on the collar tag by a dry cleaner indicate this Bromleigh wool coat was owned by someone who lived in the Upper East side of Manhattan. They took awesome care of this coat because it’s practically brand new.

5 Lessons from Minimalism

Less Wardrobe Anxiety:

An overflowing closet only sounds good on paper; it’s highly impractical, well at least in my case. Despite a closet that spilled over to every nook and cranny in my apartment, dressing for important events/occasions gave me a special dose of anxiety.

Neo Minimalist

I did it! My closet is officially down to about 10% of what I had accumulated for over 7 years. I’ll write more in-depth about my cathartic purge that happened last weekend in a future post but for now I’m giving myself space to adjust to the neo-minimalist style blogger status.