How to Wear All Black Fashionably

Black! The queen of all colors and forever on trend. My trick to wearing head-to-toe black without looking blah is varying the textures of different pieces making up the ensemble. To add understated drama, contrast soft and hard fabrics…for example leather and silk.

black outfit

Alexander Wang Freja

black outfit

I’m loving my summer capsule wardrobe. I’ve been delighted by the amount of outfits I am able to create just from rotating 37 pieces. My personal style is becoming more apparent and I can see which gaps need to be filled so I am able to make a practical and relevant shopping lists. I’m also spending way less time on closet decisions because I just grab a weather-appropriate outfit and I’m dressed in a flash.

If you are overwhelmed by closet choices or just want to hone your personal style, I can’t recommend capsule wardrobes enough. Here are the 37 pieces I’m working with and ideas for how to build your own capsule wardrobe.

Wearing: Zara skirt || Ann Taylor shirt || Alexander Wang Freja booties