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Neo Minimalist

I did it! My closet is officially down to about 10% of what I had accumulated for over 7 years. I’ll write more in-depth about my cathartic purge that happened last weekend in a future post but for now I’m giving myself space to adjust to the neo-minimalist style blogger status.  Majority of my time has been spent between uni classes and bookmarking and connecting with all kinds of minimalists.

I’m so delighted with this new direction. I’m also convinced there’s a lot more depth to it than just a personal style change because it’s congruent with who I am becoming as a person. And while this is the beginning of an enormous lifestyle transformation, there are even greater changes I am looking forward to through this year. I really can’t wait to share this journey with you guys.

I wore variations of this outfit in the summer and fall. For winter I swapped the t-shirt for a cashmere turtleneck and the pumps for ankle booties, which has been my go-to uniform lately.


Some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction. -Franz Kafka

  • Hmm i was wondering why the drastic style change after i had seen so many of you previous posts..wish all the best in your new life journey and waiting to see what you share 🙂