How To Wear a Monochrome Outfit

I love a good monochrome outfit. If ever there was an easier way to make a bold statement than monochrome then please point me in that direction. I think a monochromatic look can be just as show-stopping as a patterned dress or statement jacket. Sometimes we wear monochrome when we don’t even mean to, and most often that monochrome outfit is all black.
I love monochrome because it makes for some really seriously streamlined ensembles.

How to wear a monochrome outfit

The word monochrome breaks down into two pieces: mono meaning single and chroma meaning color. So a one-color outfit. It’s that simple — commit to one color, wear it head-to-toe and done! The beauty of monochrome is you don’t have to stick to the same exact shade and be all matchy matchy. Playing with harmonious gradients of the same color opens up a whole world of spins on monochromatic looks.

Top 3 Tips for pulling off monochrome outfits:

Mix textures to add visual interest:

Texture adds visual interest and depth so the final look is not one-dimensional (aka boring). Mixing textures in addition to variations of the base color adds visual interest. I have found the easiest way to mix textures is by pairing different materials — for example I am wearing cotton paired with satin, suede and leather.
You can also use a hint of complementary color to add depth. The key here is using very little of the complementary color. The shades of navy on my monochrome look are different but on the darker gradient so they look really similar. The red striping on the varsity jacket adds contrast to subtly break up the navy pattern and add dimension.

Mind the proportions to keep the look streamlined:

Varying promotions in monochrome looks will add to the visual interest and also keep the color from becoming overwhelming. Think tall and lean. I paired a flowy midi satin skirt with a fitted cotton button down and varsity jacket. The dual texture – leather and suede ankle boots – create additional texture and leave a bit of skin showing to break up the navy pallet so it’s not overwhelming.

How to wear a monochrome outfit

The right color matters: Neutral monochrome looks are easiest

It’s easier to work a monochrome outfit if you use colors that look great against your skin tone or your absolute favorites. If you’re a beginner, natural colors are essentially fail proof – white, black, camel, beige, and navy. Black or navy are probably the easiest to work with. And you most likely have all the elements to create this look without going shopping!

How to wear a monochrome outfit
 Skirt: Nordstrom Rack | Shirt: Jcrew | Jacket: Thrifted | Boots: Tommy Hilfiger