Growth Oil for Natural Hair

The growth herbal blend in fractionated coconut oil made a wonderful infusion resulting in high fragrant and concentrated natural hair growth oil. I triple-infused the herbs using the water in crock-pot method over 3 days.

Any growth herbs that work for your hair will do. In addition to the 10 herbs in the growth blend, I included 10g of cayenne pepper in the final infusion. Similar to garlic and mint, cayenne pepper creates a tingling sensation on the scalp. The tingling sensation is in fact electric signals to the capillaries in the hair root. The capillaries then react by transporting nutrient rich blood to the hair follicle. This efficiently rectifies sluggish blood flow and therefore aids in maximizing growth rate potential.

herbal oils for hair

You can re-infuse the oil as many times as you like.  I found 3 times to be good enough. The growth oil will get darker and darker as infusion continues.  Depending on how concentrated the resulting oil is, adding more of the oil used to infuse or other natural growth oils can dilute it. In other words, you could make a very concentrated batch and then use other oils to dilute it down or use as is.  I have been using this infusion as is (no diluting).


Fill a jar up to ¾ full with your herbs.

Fill a jar with oil of your choice.

Use a spoon or fork (I have found a chopstick is perfect) to release any trapped any then fill in with oil

Cover the mason jar tightly and ensure no leaks.  If your jar leaks, the resulting oil will have been exposed to water that means it will go rancid quickly

Immerse jar in crock-pot and fill with water

Cover and set crock-pot to warm for 12 hours

Filter oil with cheesecloth

To do a second infusion, begin with the infused oil and fill in with fresh oil

The jar must be cleaned and properly dried before second use

After bottling, it’s advisable to add a date to your herbal oil along with notes on the oil used to infuse, the herbs and portions used . This will be helpful in remembering your formula, if and when you might need to make tweaks to the formula and will give a good indication of how long your formulation will last.

My choice of infusion oil is fractionated coconut oil.  This oil is always liquid because the long-chain triglycerides (responsible for the solid state) are removed so only the saturated fats remain. Fractionated coconut oil is therefore significantly more concentrated than regular coconut oil. The oil also withstands heat well and has an indefinite shelf life.  Coconut oil penetrates furthest into the hair shaft than any other oil making it the ideal courier of vitamins and minerals from the herbs the hair follicles.

I don’t particularly care for the water in crock-pot method of infusion so I will be sticking to placing the herbs and oil directly in the crock-pot over a warm setting. If your crock-pot does not have a warm setting this method is not advisable because you risk burning the oil.

SIDENOTE: This oil will not make your hair grow.  It works by resolving problems that hinder hair from growing at it’s genetic rate.  Some of those problems include dry scalp, sluggish blood flow, imbalanced sebaceous glands, follicles that might be stressed from aggressive combing or tight braids and irritated scalp from scratching or chemical processing (including dyes, perms and relaxers).