Girls will be boys…


Varsity Jacket: F21 (here)|| Shirt: F21 (alternative)|| Coated Jeans: Helmut Lang (alternative)|| Pumps: Jeffery Campbell (alternative1, alternative 2)

Thanks to the evolution of androgynous style, masculine-feminine boundaries have been blurred. Gender-blurred fashion is great because there is a lot of room for personal interpretation. I don’t consider myself extremely androgynous but it’s very natural for me to borrow an item or two from the boys and pair it with more feminine pieces.

A petite physique ensures I can’t wear much in my boyfriend’s closet. It’s so sad because I could have had double my closet. But that’s exactly why God made brothers who share the same genes….ha!  I’ve got 3 (discounting the youngest). Thank the good Lord for brothers.