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Finding The Why

My first blogpost went up in 2010. I remember the feeling of accomplishment that went with posting my plaid shirt dress, thick black tights paired with nine west ankle booties. My journey through the fashion world had began but I had neither a map nor a sense of direction. I figured if I kept going (blogging in this case), I would certainly end up somewhere. Fresh off the boat in New York, it was a delight to experiment with most styles influenced by both the street and the runway. When I began blogging, the field was desaturated and scattered.

Blogging was this new cool phenomenon that was approached very cautiously because no one knew whether or not it was a temporary fad. Social media was also still in its infancy so the content integration mechanisms were not yet established. As fashion/style blogging began to evolve and grow ever more influential, I experienced my first blogger’s crisis. I disliked everything about my blog but I couldn’t figure out why. A hiatus seemed like the easiest fix so I took a 6-month break from blogging yet when I returned, that feeling of inexplicable discontent flared up almost immediately.




By 2013, both the blogging world and social media had completely changed. Fashion blogging had evolved to a complex multilayered business with the help of social integration by the likes of twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Almost overnight, blogging became intensely influential online world and the scramble for the “pie” commenced as everyone from media houses, designers, aspiring influencers sought to establish dominance. Thanks to my discontent and the growing pressure, I overhauled my blog to keep up with the evolution of blogging. I put a lot of thought in to branding especially in ensuring a fun, quirky and easy to remember blog name as well as matching social media profiles for cohesive branding. Last week during a random blogging masterclass webinar, I was lucky to meet an influential digital strategist. Digital strategists are the wizards behind the exponential rise of blogs as influential and highly successful online businesses.
The first question the strategist asked in the class was….Why? Why are you blogging? What’s the point? Then it dawned on me that from the beginning of my blogging journey the why question never once came up. By the end of the webinar I had 12 pages of notes, renewed perception of digital influence and the realization that solid strategy is essential to thriving in this environment. I was lucky to have some conversations with the strategist who graciously offered to mentor me on clarifying answers to the why question. So it’s back to the drawing board once again, this time, thankfully with a mentor. While my love of fashion blogging remains strong, I realize it’s time to niche it down, establish content formula and find the answer to why I’m blogging. Embedded in the why question are even more questions like for whom, how am I different, how to track progress and time line for turning blogging into a business, which is my ultimate goal.

Have you answered the why question?

Wearing: Zara T-shirt || 7FAM jeans (similar) || Paul & Betty Pumps || Silk scarf (worn as bracelet)

  • Fantastic read! I am in that space as we currently speak, I have several whys, but they involve a certain level of vulnerability that I am working to reconcile. We can speak more on this when we meet. In the meantime, I applaud you because you’ve taken a brave step and are headed in the right direction.

  • Amazing post…I found out the why last year and now I love blogging more than ever.

    • Gabrielle

      I’m so delighted for you Nancie. It’s pretty clear from your voice and content angle that you have found your footing and style. It’s a journey but boy is it awesome once you figure it out. Here’s to hoping I can get there soon too.

  • I love that this time around you’re doing it with a mentor. That’s so dope, and something I’ve been looking for.

    My why is a complex mess of various layers, but the most simple is that I want to share my writing. Bottom line. I think when you have that clarity about your bottom line it helps to push past those ‘what am I doing?!’ moments, because it gives you reassurance, you know?

    Lovely post, and pretty photos! Black & white is just so damn great.

    • Gabrielle

      I LOVE LOVE! your writings. You are a natural at using words in a way that is super engaging. I think it’s a gift that you are born with.
      You are spot on with clarity. A lot of my anxiety with blogging was because I never really took the time to answer why…instead I just stumbled on it and was like…okay. I had no benchmark against which to measure success, which was frustrating. Getting clarity is an entire journey of self discovery. I’m realizing there’s more to it than just the superficial aspect of the blog.