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DIY Conditioner

This three ingredient homemade deep conditioner is the ultimate product. You get a detangler, a softener and a gentle cleanser. At pH 5.5, yogurt is naturally optimized for hair care plus it is choke full of saturated fats, proteins and vitamins, which makes it a fantastic product for any diy conditioner enthusiast.

The brand of the yogurt shouldn’t matter that much as long as it is all natural, unflavored and with no added sugar. Full-fat yogurt is ideal because the saturated/unsaturated fats, proteins and vitamins are intact and will therefore be most beneficial to hair. Yogurt packs a punch on its own can be used directly on the hair without adding any other ingredients to it.

yogurt deep conditioner for natural hair

For those who prefer to tweak there are endless options. I like adding a pleasant aroma to my homemade conditioners because it adds to the overall luxe of my products. Often I will use a dual-purpose essential oil that not only adds fragrance but also provides some benefit to my hair and scalp. The only other ingredient I add to this deep conditioner is oil. Since the yogurt already has vitamins, minerals, fats and water, adding a herbal oil completes essential ingredients.

oils for natural hairRecipe:

  • Two-Three large dollops of yogurt
  • 1 Tablespoon of herbal oil (available at my store here)
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil (any essential oil of your choice will do. I rotate peppermint, sweet orange and lavender with occasional drops of tea tree for scalp treatments)
  • Mix everything together and voila

yogurt hair mask for natural hairHow I use it:

My favorite way to use this deep conditioner is on dry, tangle hair. It serves as a deep conditioner, a detangler and a hair softener. In my observation, my hair soaks up most of this conditioner when applied on dry hair. There is no science to the application. I just slather as much as possible on my dry hair and use my hands to get to my roots, wrap a plastic bag on it and just let it marinate for a few hours (sometimes overnight). After a few hours my hair is so soft and it’s so easy to release the few tangles that remain just with my hands. Finally I just rinse it off (no shampoo, no conditioner) and then proceed to the leave-ins and styling.