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Roll Tuck and Pin #14

Styles for natural black hair

After isolating and securing sizeable section on the front, I rolled (left to right) and pinned the rest of the hair from the back towards my forehead at an angle. To add volume the bottom half the roll is slightly lose but tightens as it gets to the top of my head.

Roll Tuck And Pin #13

Styles for natural black hair

Day 13 was easy. I just divided the hair randomly from ear to ear and rolled each section from left to right with a slight curl inwards at the end before pinning. This roll, tuck and pin was so easy I think it’s permanently in my arsenal of go-to styles.

Roll Tuck And Pin #12

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

On day 12 I rolled tucked and pinned in two different directions. The hair is split in half in a curve. Both halves are rolled in forward motion towards my forehead – the right from underneath and the left over the top.

Roll Tuck And Pin #11

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

An explanation of this style is going to be problematic but here we go: I began by pushing and pinning all the hair forward but at an angle (like the way you do a side puff). The left side is pinned higher than the right.

Roll Tuck And Pin #10

natural black hairstyles

I find the more I do this challenge the easier it gets. On day 10, I parted the hair in 3/4 on the front and a 1/4 on the back. I split the back below the left ear and began rolling from left to right in continuous motion until I got to the forehead.

Roll Tuck And Pin #9

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

On day 9, I divided the hair into ¾ on the back and ¼ on the front. The back section is rolled over on to itself. The front section is divided into two equal parts, which are twisted around each other.