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Twist Out on 4c Hair (TWA)

I don’t have any rules when it comes to styling my natural hair. Thanks to light density texture that has a mind of its own, I have come to have no expectations at all whenever I style my hair.

Curlformers on 4c hair (TWA)

Step 1prepare

I am not completely against using heat (I use indirect heat…plastic cap under a hooded dryer to deep condition), however I think it’s a good idea to minimize exposure where possible. Enter curlformers. Curlformers are perfect solution to both stretching the hair (always recommended) and stunning curls without using heat.

Roll Tuck And Pin #18

Styles for natural black hair

My goal was to create one continuous flat twist around my head. That’s really ambitious especially for me. Like most things, only by continued practice can we become better. Granted, there’s nothing flat about this roll,

Roll Tuck And Pin #17

roll, tuck and pin styles for natural black hair

I have managed exactly two roll, tuck and pin hairstyles this summer. Why? A busy schedule, which means repeating the easy-to-do styles and sometimes just leaving my hair alone in chunky braids. For the longest time I couldn’t get my twists to stay put until it was time to unravel them and also struggled with definition (that would be immediately obliterated by humidity).

An Exquisite Mess

natural 4c hair

Of all the challenges that come with natural hair, managing tangles was the most dreadful element in my mind. As a novice natural head I went to profound extremes to detangle my hair every fortnight in a bid to elude a tangled mess.

Roll Tuck And Pin #16

roll, tuck and pin styles for natural black hair

The onset of unforgiving winter compelled me to shelf the roll, tuck and pin hair styling challenge. For those who may not know – l am very challenged (but getting better) when it comes to styling my light density 4c hair.

Roll Tuck and Pin #15

Roll Tuck and Pin Hairstyles

It’s day 15! I am halfway done with the roll, tuck and pin challenge. I am not particularly good with twists or braid outs but I am getting very comfortable rolling my hair into cuteness without much of a struggle.

Roll Tuck and Pin #14

Styles for natural black hair

After isolating and securing sizeable section on the front, I rolled (left to right) and pinned the rest of the hair from the back towards my forehead at an angle. To add volume the bottom half the roll is slightly lose but tightens as it gets to the top of my head.

Roll Tuck And Pin #13

Styles for natural black hair

Day 13 was easy. I just divided the hair randomly from ear to ear and rolled each section from left to right with a slight curl inwards at the end before pinning. This roll,


roll tuck and pin hairstyles

On day 12 I rolled tucked and pinned in two different directions. The hair is split in half in a curve. Both halves are rolled in forward motion towards my forehead – the right from underneath and the left over the top.

Roll Tuck Pin #11

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

An explanation of this style is going to be problematic but here we go: I began by pushing and pinning all the hair forward but at an angle (like the way you do a side puff).


natural black hairstyles

I find the more I do this challenge the easier it gets. On day 10, I parted the hair in 3/4 on the front and a 1/4 on the back. I split the back below the left ear and began rolling from left to right in continuous motion until I got to the forehead.