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roll tuck and pin hairstyles

On day 12 I rolled tucked and pinned in two different directions. The hair is split in half in a curve. Both halves are rolled in forward motion towards my forehead – the right from underneath and the left over the top.

Roll Tuck Pin #11

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

An explanation of this style is going to be problematic but here we go: I began by pushing and pinning all the hair forward but at an angle (like the way you do a side puff).

Biochem: What is Hair?

Before we can address how to grow healthy hair or effectively narture it to desired length, I think a basic understanding of the nature of hair is crucial. We constantly bombard our hair with products in the quest of length and health but those goals can only be realized by understanding how our hair interacts with products.


bentonite clay for hair

I invented something. Really, I did. A couple of weeks ago I did a rendition of the Terresentials muds wash (video here) and had some left overs in the fridge.


natural black hairstyles

I find the more I do this challenge the easier it gets. On day 10, I parted the hair in 3/4 on the front and a 1/4 on the back. I split the back below the left ear and began rolling from left to right in continuous motion until I got to the forehead.

Cayenne Pepper Oil

The botanical name for cayenne pepper Capsicum Annuum (Ann-you-um) or Capsicum Frutescens (fru-tes-enz). Most of the varieties of pepper referred to as chili peppers are classified as Capsicum Annuum.


roll tuck and pin hairstyles

On day 9, I divided the hair into ¾ on the back and ¼ on the front. The back section is rolled over on to itself. The front section is divided into two equal parts,

Profiling: Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus Sabdariffa )

Hibiscus is an edible flower from the family Malvaceae or Mallows. Another common name for hibiscus is Rose Mallow. There are over 200 know species of hibiscus with more than 2000 hybrid species. The hibiscus species used for hair is either Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis found in China,

Roll Tuck And Pin #8

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

The arrival of my long and wide curl formers (The long cockscrew version are better in my opinion. More on that later.) sort of derailed the roll, tuck and pin challenge. I mean, there was no way I was going to spend an uncomfortable night in the curl formers and not relish the gorgeous curls.

How to oil natural hair

how to oil natural hair

The frequency of oiling hair is really a matter of personal choice. Once a week seems to be the ideal for my hair. I use some type of Ayurveda mud on my hair weekly and overnight oiling is my main method of not only protecting against some of the drying effects of the muds but also the perfect opportunity to nourish and detangle my hair.

Roll Tuck and Pin #7

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

Day 7 is undoubtedly inspired by Janelle Monae’s signature style. I began by separating ¼ section on the front. I then rolled, tucked and pinned the ends of the back portion from the middle and up towards my forehead.


styles for natural african american hair

Justice for this 50’s hairstyle can only be achieved in black and white photos. I began by pushing all the hair over to the left. My hair is still short…well…. It’s neither short nor long…that awkward phase,