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TWA Natural Hair Regimen

I think a TWA deserves the same care as longer length. The TWA is basically setting the stage for what will be strand length in the future and therefore proper care for the TWA should be top priority. For my very dry hair,

Big Chop II

Happy new year people!

2015 finds me at the TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) stage yet again. Most people begin again because there’s an irreversible problem with their hair but for me the reason is the exact opposite of that.

pH in Natural Hair Care

The pH of products we use in natural hair care play a critical role that could either facilitate or hinder natural hair growth. In order to select products that work well with the hair, it’s important to understand the role that pH plays in product formulation.

Flax Seed Gel Styling Cream

Flax seed hair gel is all the rave in the natural hair care community and for good reason. The flaxseeds are easy to find, affordable and the volume of gel to flaxseeds ratio is extraordinary (meaning you get a lot of gel for a small amount of seeds because you can reuse the old seeds,

Coconut Milk + Nupur Henna

In this week’s mud mix I swapped my mixing medium from herbal tea to coconut milk. Packed with all three main micronutrients; fat, carbohydrate and protein, coconut milk in my opinion is a superfood. Compared to cow’s milk at 4%,

DIY Deep Conditioner

Most people with natural hair follow a strict deep conditioner regimen. I did too when I first started out with my natural hair journey because all I heard was noise about how difficult my texture is to deal with and its unrelenting proneness to drying out.