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Herbal Hair Conditioning Powder

herbal conditioning powder

The Herbal Hair Conditioning powder is an elusive product but thanks to a lovely friend (Thanks Emma!) I was able to get my hands on it.  The package indicates the product is manufactured in northern India.

Amla Cassia Strengthener

In the summer I found it better to space out the mud treatments to once every three weeks.  Also, because of a hectic schedule and wanting to make the most out of summer I didn’t do much exploring.

Shea Butter Water Soluble

Most of the time when I want to add an oil (liquid or solid) to my formulations I am forced to use an emulsifier to bind the oil and water. The result is a cream, which I really love as a moisturizer and even styler.

Roll Tuck And Pin #18

Styles for natural black hair

My goal was to create one continuous flat twist around my head. That’s really ambitious especially for me. Like most things, only by continued practice can we become better. Granted, there’s nothing flat about this roll,

State of the Afro 2013

natural hair growth 2013
We are four months away for 2015. Let that sink in for a moment. I wanted to take a moment and review progress from the year that was. Since my growth rate is slightly above a quarter inch a month,

Roll Tuck And Pin #17

roll, tuck and pin styles for natural black hair

I have managed exactly two roll, tuck and pin hairstyles this summer. Why? A busy schedule, which means repeating the easy-to-do styles and sometimes just leaving my hair alone in chunky braids. For the longest time I couldn’t get my twists to stay put until it was time to unravel them and also struggled with definition (that would be immediately obliterated by humidity).

Detangling & Clarifying Natural Hair

All products, whether commercial or homemade, can lead to build up on the scalp and strands. Conditioners meant to protect and nourish the hair along with stylizers that aid in holding styles work by coating the hair shaft.

VO5 Shea Cashmere Moisturizing Conditioner Review

I don’t use a lot of commercial (store-bought) products but I have a few in my cabinet. Normally I use a light conditioner right after rinsing my weekly muds. The conditioner does just that – conditions my hair especially in case where the mud has a drying effect.

4c natural hair texture

I am finally getting around to showcasing my hair in it’s wet state, which might give you an idea of what my hair is really like. For me it’s a continuous journey of understanding what the structure of my hair is and as a result,

An Exquisite Mess

natural 4c hair

Of all the challenges that come with natural hair, managing tangles was the most dreadful element in my mind. As a novice natural head I went to profound extremes to detangle my hair every fortnight in a bid to elude a tangled mess.

Roll Tuck And Pin #16

roll, tuck and pin styles for natural black hair

The onset of unforgiving winter compelled me to shelf the roll, tuck and pin hair styling challenge. For those who may not know – l am very challenged (but getting better) when it comes to styling my light density 4c hair.

Cayenne Pepper Hair Growth: The Results

cayenne pepper for hair growth

Howdy! The cayenne pepper for hair growth results have been way overdue so let’s just jump into it, shall we? Cayenne pepper oil and capsules facilitated my hair growth wonderfully. For those who may not be familiar with this experiment,