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Ayurveda Herbs Guide

Even though it’s rather obvious I will prefix this post by pointing out that this list is neither exhaustive nor an absolute classification. My initial goal was to explore some of the most common Ayurveda herbs (there’s more to Ayurveda hair care than just the herbs) but that journey led to a discovery of even more hair care herbs from other cultures –Chinese,

5 Mucilage Herbs for Natural Hair

Nearly all plants produce mucilage – a thick gluey substance formed by large polysaccharides (sugars). Mucilage in plants plays a role in the storage of water and food, seed germination, and thickening membranes. In water mucilage forms a slimy semi-soluble viscous fiber.

Pofiling:Tulsi (Holy Basil) Ocimum Tenuiflorum

The latin botanical name of basil is Ocimum Tenuiflorum or Ocimum Sanctum. This is the same regular basil we buy at the grocery store. There is another species of basil with the Latin name Ocimum Basilicum (also known as Thai Basil).

How to Dye Your Natural Hair With Henna

henna for natural hair

Owing to the fragile nature of my hair and also because achieving my maximum growth potential is important to me, I am extremely cautious about anything that might create permanent chemical change within my hair strands. The chemical change simply means affecting the bonds in the hair strands in any way – that could be via products,

Hibiscus and Rhassoul Clay

bentonite clay for hair

I invented something. Really, I did. A couple of weeks ago I did a rendition of the Terresentials muds wash (video here) and had some left overs in the fridge. I combined that with left overs from the hibiscus petal powder experience (video here).

Profiling: Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus Sabdariffa )

Hibiscus is an edible flower from the family Malvaceae or Mallows. Another common name for hibiscus is Rose Mallow. There are over 200 know species of hibiscus with more than 2000 hybrid species. The hibiscus species used for hair is either Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis found in China,