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Coconut Milk + Nupur Henna

In this week’s mud mix I swapped my mixing medium from herbal tea to coconut milk. Packed with all three main micronutrients; fat, carbohydrate and protein, coconut milk in my opinion is a superfood. Compared to cow’s milk at 4%,

Herbal Hair Conditioning

herbal conditioning for natural hair

The Herbal Hair Conditioning powder is an elusive product but thanks to a lovely friend (Thanks Emma!) I was able to get my hands on it.  The package indicates the product is manufactured in northern India. This mix contains an impressive 18 herbs that are a mixture of strengthening,

Amla Cassia Strengthener

In the summer I found it better to space out the mud treatments to once every three weeks.  Also, because of a hectic schedule and wanting to make the most out of summer I didn’t do much exploring. I basically just repeated most of the mud treatments I have done before.

Gorej Nupur Henna

The package indicates the Nupur brand is manufactured in kulhariwala village with a PO box in Barotiwala. Barotiwala is in Himachal Pradesh state in Northern India. This gives us an idea of where the constituent herbs come from.

Profiling Kapoor Kachli (Hedychium spicatum)

Kapoor Kachli powder comes from a small ginger plant that grows to about 1m. The latin botanical name of the plant is Hedychium Spicatum. Even though it’s considered a kind of ginger, Kapoor Kachli is not a sub-species of Zingiber officinale,

Rhassoul (Red Moroccan) Clay

Mined deep beneath the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco, the Egyptian and Romans were first to use and document benefits of rhassoul clay. Other names for rhassoul clay include – ghassoul clay, red clay, red moroccan clay or oxide clay.