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Roll Tuck And Pin #11

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

An explanation of this style is going to be problematic but here we go: I began by pushing and pinning all the hair forward but at an angle (like the way you do a side puff). The left side is pinned higher than the right.

Hibiscus and Rhassoul Clay

bentonite clay for hair

I invented something. Really, I did. A couple of weeks ago I did a rendition of the Terresentials muds wash (video here) and had some left overs in the fridge. I combined that with left overs from the hibiscus petal powder experience (video here).

Roll Tuck And Pin #10

natural black hairstyles

I find the more I do this challenge the easier it gets. On day 10, I parted the hair in 3/4 on the front and a 1/4 on the back. I split the back below the left ear and began rolling from left to right in continuous motion until I got to the forehead.

How to Use Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth

The botanical name for cayenne pepper Capsicum Annuum (Ann-you-um) or Capsicum Frutescens (fru-tes-enz). Most of the varieties of pepper referred to as chili peppers are classified as Capsicum Annuum.

Roll Tuck And Pin #9

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

On day 9, I divided the hair into ¾ on the back and ¼ on the front. The back section is rolled over on to itself. The front section is divided into two equal parts, which are twisted around each other.

Roll Tuck And Pin #8

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

The arrival of my long and wide curl formers (The long cockscrew version are better in my opinion. More on that later.) sort of derailed the roll, tuck and pin challenge. I mean, there was no way I was going to spend an uncomfortable night in the curl formers and not relish the gorgeous curls.