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Roll Tuck and Pin #15

Roll Tuck and Pin Hairstyles

It’s day 15! I am halfway done with the roll, tuck and pin challenge. I am not particularly good with twists or braid outs but I am getting very comfortable rolling my hair into cuteness without much of a struggle.

How to Dye Your Natural Hair With Henna

henna for natural hair

Owing to the fragile nature of my hair and also because achieving my maximum growth potential is important to me, I am extremely cautious about anything that might create permanent chemical change within my hair strands. The chemical change simply means affecting the bonds in the hair strands in any way – that could be via products,

Roll Tuck and Pin #14

Styles for natural black hair

After isolating and securing sizeable section on the front, I rolled (left to right) and pinned the rest of the hair from the back towards my forehead at an angle. To add volume the bottom half the roll is slightly lose but tightens as it gets to the top of my head.

Roll Tuck And Pin #13

Styles for natural black hair

Day 13 was easy. I just divided the hair randomly from ear to ear and rolled each section from left to right with a slight curl inwards at the end before pinning. This roll, tuck and pin was so easy I think it’s permanently in my arsenal of go-to styles.

Amla Oil

I wasn’t sure what to do with the tons of amla I have in my stash because I just recently highlighted my hair with a concoction of red Raj henna, hibiscus flower powder and beetroot juice. Amla is one of my favorite powders but it will naturally tone down highlights and I would like to keep mine,

Roll Tuck And Pin #12

roll tuck and pin hairstyles

On day 12 I rolled tucked and pinned in two different directions. The hair is split in half in a curve. Both halves are rolled in forward motion towards my forehead – the right from underneath and the left over the top.