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Layers of Black

Even though layering is currently all the rage as endorsed by top fashion bloggers and journalists admirably layering pretty much the entire contents of their wardrobes, my preference leans towards less complex layers. In order to create a flattering silhouette using all black pieces, strategically layered proportions and textures is the name of the game. [...]

Those Black Jeans

Black and white pairings are often underestimated but these neutrals are probably the simplest way to simultaneously create contrast and cohesion but without looking overdone. The fit of the pieces would depend on your desired look. In this case I opted for a streamlined fit, which is super flattering. Everyone needs that luxe go-to pair [...]


A couple of years ago I would have been of the mindset that all-black outfits are extreme and morbidly boring. Yet sometimes I just want to wear black. Head-to-toe black, in fact. To get around the sometimes dowdy boring look that goes with all-black outfits, I use a simple trick of varying season appropriate fabrics [...]

The Coat

camel coat

The winter chill is upon us and as such it’s time to bundle up. Now this coat combines everything I think a great winter coat should have: luxe neutral (camel), classic clean cut that transcends seasons and ankle-length for the ultimate coverage.

Boys Club

The fall semester is in full swing and I am caught up in a whirl wind of factoring polynomials, adding and subtracting rational expressions and simplifying complex fractions a.k.a College Algebra. I have three other classes on top of the math so let me just tell you life is a little jam-packed at the moment. [...]

Dark Matter

I rarely find jumpsuits that fit my style (which would explain why you’ve never seen one on the blog) but I knew this is just a perfect for my style the moment I saw it. The wide leg is beautifully balanced by the fit-right upper half. The peek-a-boo cut outs tastefully add a sexy aesthetic. [...]