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30 Months at Temple University

Good morning from the city of brotherly love!

It’s 4AM, Monday morning. From my tiny apartment I can hear the city slowly building up to the bustle of beginning a new week. My excitement is blended with apprehension.

5 Lessons from Minimalism

Less Wardrobe Anxiety:

An overflowing closet only sounds good on paper; it’s highly impractical, well at least in my case. Despite a closet that spilled over to every nook and cranny in my apartment, dressing for important events/occasions gave me a special dose of anxiety.

Neo Minimalist

2016 Fashion Goals

Happy February! I swear someone hit the X4 speed with these days! I blinked and we are already into the second month of 2016. Speaking of 2016, my theme for the year is minimalism. I’ve been blogging for at least 4 years and thankfully experimented with all kinds of fashion interpretations so this year I’m dialing back on experimental fashion in exchange for honing my personal style,

The Evolution


Thanks to a philosophy class, I’ve unearthed a wealth of Hellenistic philosophers whose writings range between 2000-2500 years ago and yet their wisdom is remarkably relevant and ever more so as we begin the new year.

Travelog: Montreal

Montreal, the charming small city with a French flair, was my home for a week. I love it. Compared to NYC’s fast paced rhythm, Montreal is casual and laid-back. Drenched in French history, Montreal is of course quintessentially French in many aspects like food,

And so another chapter begins…

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Happy New Year loves! We’d be here for days if I were to list everything so I’ll just look back at the past year and say “thank you” for every good event and person that has come my way.