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Egg Protein Hair Mask

Egg yolks contain essential vitamins (A,D, E, B9, B12, B6, K etc) minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus etc), fats (saturate, mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated, cholesterol) and protein. Only about ½ of the egg yolk is protein. So egg yolks have multiple benefits when used on the hair.

Amla Oil

I wasn’t sure what to do with the tons of amla I have in my stash because I just recently highlighted my hair with a concoction of red Raj henna, hibiscus flower powder and beetroot juice. Amla is one of my favorite powders but it will naturally tone down highlights and I would like to keep mine,

Spray Leave-in Conditioner

It seems the kinkier the hair the more prone to dehydration it is. No matter what your hair goals are, moisture is a critical portion of achieving them. For 4C’s like yours truly, the extreme bends in hair strands means the little water naturally present in hair isn’t enough to go around and the winding bends make it all but impossible for the water to travel down to the tips.

Cayenne Pepper Oil

The botanical name for cayenne pepper Capsicum Annuum (Ann-you-um) or Capsicum Frutescens (fru-tes-enz). Most of the varieties of pepper referred to as chili peppers are classified as Capsicum Annuum.

Growth Oil for Natural Hair

The growth herbal blend in fractionated coconut oil made a wonderful infusion resulting in high fragrant and concentrated natural hair growth oil. I triple-infused the herbs using the water in crock-pot method over 3 days.

Any growth herbs that work for your hair will do.