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30 Months at Temple University

Good morning from the city of brotherly love!

It’s 4AM, Monday morning. From my tiny apartment I can hear the city slowly building up to the bustle of beginning a new week. My excitement is blended with apprehension. Even though I have always been a city girl, moving to a new city on my own is an entirely different prospect. To be honest I am petrified by everything that could possibly go wrong but I’m taking the journey of 30 months at Temple university despite this fear. Fear is a funny emotion……it could either be the fuel that propels one to action or, in contrast, become a crippling weight that causes one to stagnate. I know if I allow it, fear of the unknown will cripple me and by default become an insurmountable obstacle in the way of my goals. I’m diving in and despite the fear, choosing to believe this is a mountain I can and will move.

temple university

Temple University, Philadelphia….home for the next 30 months

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard was by Steven Covey who advocates for starting with the end in mind. So I bought graduation shoes….you know…. the whole thing with starting with the end in mind. I know for a fact that come May 12th 2019, I will wear Christian Louboutin or Valentino Garavani shoes to my graduation. Yes, I do take my shoes very seriously.  With shoes out of the way, I envision myself graduating summa cum laude, building relationships with my professors, some of whom will become lifelong mentors, internship experiences in inter-governmental organizations and international corporations, publishing a Honor’s thesis in a peer journal, developing lifelong friendships and having a fun, memorable experience at Temple. With these goals in mind, I’m working backwards down to what I need to be doing each month, week and day towards accomplishing them. It’s a lot like knowing my destination and now all I have to do is find the most efficient route to get there.

I don’t have any illusions about this journey. I realize and expect there will be challenges, frustrations, failures, disappointments, late nights and a lot of tears. Yet I also know there will be a lot of laughter, successes, discoveries, evolution and ultimately growth. But above all, gratitude for this amazing opportunity to fulfill my education goals.

Our journeys might differ but the bottomline is the courage to follow wherever the path leads. Transform your dreams in to actionable goals by reverse engineering to figure out even the tiniest steps you can take every day towards realizing the dream. Nothing is guaranteed in this life so you might as well take a shot at what you really want, despite the fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Do it badly, do it slowly, do it fearfully, do it any way you can, but do it.

And so the count down towards graduation begins. I really cannot wait for the day I get to say…I did it! In the meantime, I’m grateful I get to say….I’m doing it.

Are you doing your “it”?


  • Val A

    Congrats G. I know I don’t KNOW you personally but I feel like I KNOW you small small 😉 and I’m always so inspired by your drive and determination to rise above your previous best. Constantly raising the bar. Thank you for sharing your journey with some of us who have few that we know to look up to. All the best wishes and God’s blessings on this new chapter.

    • Gabrielle

      Val, your comment just made my night. Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback and encouragement. It’s wonderful for someone else to be able to relate and take inspiration from my journey. I do hope we can change the small, small to big, big 🙂

  • Karozika

    I really like what you said here. Made me think a lot. Thank you.

  • Letha Tobias

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