4c natural hair

Twist Out on 4c Hair (TWA)

I don’t have any rules when it comes to styling my natural hair. Thanks to light density texture that has a mind of its own, I have come to have no expectations at all whenever I style my hair. I am not meticulous either so you won’t find me making perfectly straight lines or symmetrical…


On The Run

Black! The queen of all colors and forever on trend. My trick to wearing head-to-toe black without looking blah is varying the textures of different pieces making up the ensemble. To add understated drama, contrast soft and hard fabrics…for example leather and silk. I’m loving my summer capsule wardrobe. I’ve been delighted by the amount…

4c natural hair

How to detangle natural hair

Faulty mechanical manipulation, which includes detangling and styling methods and products is the topmost cause of unnecessary hair loss when it comes to natural hair. In the case of detangling, the method used to handle your hair is far more important than any products utilized. The same reason why natural hair is super fabulous is…

4c natural hair

7 Ways to Embrace Your Natural Hair

It still amazes me how you rock natural hair and still look sexy so effortlessly 1. Wear it:  Whether you big chop or transition, wear your natural hair out as much as possible. Yes, you’ll feel awkward and very vulnerable at times but eventually the anxiety will ease up and you won’t even remember it….