Aug 182014
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The bad news: it’s the end of summer and soon it will be horridly cold. There’s talk of polar vortex already. The good news: July/August are dump-everything-summer months in preparation for back to school and as fall/winter collections begin to trickle into the stores. This is makes July/August the perfect months for awesome sales.

I will do a separate detailed video on my shoe shopping strategy but just so you know, I rarely pay full price for shoes instead it’s a calculated stalking game. And when I do pay full price, it’s only after a 6week pause (with the shoes pinned to a wishlist) to make sure I am as stoked about them as I was when I first spotted them. Also, for special occasions, my family buys me stuff from my wish list. The gift is still a surprise but they are assured it’s something I really, really want. #winning!

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