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For a self-diagnosed shoe addict like myself, it is necessary (and smart) to find an alternative to paying full price for shoes all the time. Granted, there are times when I spot a pair I just have to have and go through the usual unrealistic rationalization of a fashion blogger – “I’ll wear them all the time”, “Good price for the quality”, “My feet look awesome in them”, “These will sell out so I cannot wait for a sale” “Don’t have any pair in that color”, “Last pair, I swear” and the list goes on and on.

For the most part however, I prefer to shop strategically to get the best deal for the least amount of money possible. Today I share with you the Big Five – these are five stores that I frequent in search of my next awesome pair. I have a whole bunch of stores bookmarked when it comes to shoe shopping but I tend to visit these five the most. With a bit of savvy on the fashion calendar and tracking collections, I have managed to create a pretty darn impressive collection of shoes for a fraction of their retail price. Let’s take a look at each store individually:

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